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Tribute to
Herbert W. Franke
In Honor of the Dinosaur of Computer Art
by art meets science – Foundation Herbert W. Franke

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The art meets science – Foundation Herbert W. Franke is intended to support the development and public access to the works of the pioneer via the Internet, exhibitions, and events and to preserve them for posterity. Research projects will be supported in the future, which further develop the bridge built by the visionary between the worlds of art and science using the latest research methods in the 21st century.


Dr. Susanne Päch is a journalist and media expert. She holds a PhD in history of science as well as communication. She is the owner and managing director of mce mediacomeurope GmbH, a consulting company in the field of content and multimedia. The company is also operating an independent TV station for science and technology called HYPERRAUM.TV. The program is published via IP and Smart-TV and is officially licensed as a TV program by Bayerische Landeszentrale für Neue Medien. Her husband was Herbert W. Franke. She manages his estate and art meets science – the Foundation Herbert W. Franke.

Website: art meets science
Twitter: @herbertwfranke 

Curators: Anika Meier & Susanne Päch
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